I'm a marketing geek

I started out at Digitas in the Media Operations group working with Fortune 500 clients like Bank of America, Aflac, and Disney. It was a pretty sweet gig, I saw how big brands do online marketing and I learned a ton about the way the internet works. I got to help run multi-million dollar media buys and work with cool online ad technology like remarketing, behavioral targeting, sequential messaging, frequency capping, etc. I also learned the science and importance of relentless A/B testing when it came to marketing.

Then I went to HubSpot, so I could apply everything I learned at Digitas, and focus on helping startups. I spent one year as an onboarding consultant; helping companies launch inbound marketing campaigns for the first time. Then I spent a year and a half as a Principle Consultant, where I would actually build inbound marketing campaigns for clients that didn't have the resources internally. I would build the entire campaigns, from identifying the personas, creating and promoting ebooks, then nurturing leads to MQLs using email drip campaigns. I also got to travel around the country running on-site inbound marketing workshops helping clients accelerate growth and increase sales. Over the years I worked with 250 different clients and learned the playbook for how to grow and scale online marketing for small businesses.

Now I lead the growth efforts at Wistia, where I’m responsible for all things related to new user acquisition and activation. I spend my time running a/b tests, analyzing funnels, and trying to solve technical challenges to help us grow faster. 

I'm most passionate about helping startups grow faster, and I believe most marketing challenges can be solved by additional testing, and more persona information. I love tinkering with different marketing copy to increase conversions and am perfectly comfortable tracking leads at every stage of the funnel.

When I'm not running experiments and manipulating data, I like to snowboard, surf, golf, build wood furniture, and listen to 90's hip-hop.